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Parents Advocacy and Rights (PAR) is a parent led group seeking to support parents with children in the care system, child protection, children’s hearings, and other situations where they have lost care of their children, or risk losing care.

We are a group of parents and friends who are offering peer support advice and advocacy to parents and families who need help to be heard and respected? Many parents and their children feel they are the last people to be heard when social work or health or education get involved in their lives. We believe that parents and families need help to be heard and that social workers and others need help to listen and to make respectful relationships with parents. No decisions about us without us!

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Guide To Making A Subject Access Request

By the Truth Commisson and Michelle Simmons This guide published by the Children and Families Truth Commission was written by Michele Simmons, a mother with experience of the care system and the commission’s lead. The guide shows parents and children how to make a...

The Good Social Worker Guide

Social Workers Reviewed By Families The Good Social Worker Guide is far from comprehensive but does offer families a unique tool to learn from other families' experiences and to provide their own feedback. The site is hosted by Natasha Phillips of Researching Reform...

International Review of Parent Advocacy

International Review of Parent Advocacy in Child Welfare: Strengthening Children's Care and Protection Through Parent Participation By BCN and IPAN The full review and policy brief are available on the Better Care Network website Promoting parent and child...

PAR Survey Results

PAR Survey Results

Here are the early results of our PAR Survey of parents’ experiences of child protection and care. These first returns echo other research pointing to low levels of trust in social work, bruising encounters with professionals in child protection processes, and poor experiences of contact with children in care, and between siblings when one or more are in care.

PAR Magazine

PAR Magazine

The third issue of PAR magazine has been published. See the link above. The process of having a child removed throws you into a swirling storm. Your role as a parent is, in all but name, stripped from you. Lawyers, social workers, panellists – these are all voices which carry a tremendous amount of weight and which you need to hear with intense focus and clarity.

Care Review Promise

Care Review Promise

“Scotland must listen to and absorb the overwhelming evidence of the lasting pain that removal has caused children, families and communities. This must result in a fundamental shift of thinking about when a child should be removed from their family.” (Care Review “Promise”)

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